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Six Steps to Reaching Your Goal

The power of dedication and intent is the key to obtaining your goals. Once you have decided on an objective, maintaining a clear picture of your desired out come, maintaining diligence in your pursuite of that objective, and keeping focus circumstances and events will be attracted to you that will manifest your goal.

“Dormant forces, faculties, and talents come alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.”

(Patanjali: 1st century Yogi)

(1) Identify your GOAL.

Have that positive desired outcome you want for every situation defined. People often define themselves by what they don’t want merely due to not having a specific outcome in mind of what they desire. Do not let your thoughts of what you don’t want to happen determine your goals and actions.

"I will increase my client base by 20% in 2 weeks."

 (2) Visualize the GOAL.

Picture the outcome, what you want to happen, the setting, fill your self with the essence of your goal and as much detail that signifies reaching your objective.  The more detail you can visualize, the more focus and energy you harness in reaching that goal.

"I see myself meeting people at a social gathering being very at ease and connecting with other people.  They are very relaxed and comfortable and the conversation is easy and flowing."

 (3) Write the GOAL down -

Capture that picture and feeling on paper, in a journal, and notes.  Solidify that picture. Find something that to you represents that goal. If you want to portray confidence, assurances, and security in a meeting, post a note on the inside of your folder that says that and look at it during the meeting.  Put that on a piece of paper and put it in your pocket so that all you have to do is put your hand in your pocket and feel that piece of paper to be reminded of the qualities you want other people to see in you.

You have to think about it first in order to make it happen.

"I am confident in the value I provide to my customers.”

“I will speak clearly and comfortably during my presentation.”

“I feel calm and relaxed that my goal is being fulfilled at all times!"

 (4) Emotionally attach yourself to your GOAL.

Emotionally attach your self to that goal. How does it feel?  Feel fulfillment and the sense of accomplishment and confidence associated with your goal.

 "I feel love, joy, happiness, and peacefulness."

“I feel complete absence of anxiety and stress.

 (5) Live as if the GOAL has been fulfilled.

Live like your goal has been accomplished. We follow our thoughts and our feeling, not the other way.  If your thoughts are that you already have accomplished your goal, then you are focusing those forces to manifest your goal into being. Your actions will mirror your thoughts and what you absolutely know to be true about yourself.

 "I posses the skills that are my objective.  I am confident and couragous and feel the success that will grow my business.” 

“I am the peace I wish to see in the rest of the world”

 (6) Notice the synchronicities in your life that support your GOAL.

Record your observations and accomplishments; write those goals and accomplishments down.  Executing and focusing on your intentions puts into actions those “Dormant forces”.  Recognizing the events and how things have “fallen into place” encourages and builds momentum in reaching those goals.  You will discover events that Carl Jung called “synchronicities”, occurring in your life.  All these events will be in support of reaching your goal.  Celebrate your accomplishments no matter how small. This is extremely important and often overlooked.  These accomplishments feed back into your thoughts and energy that will keep you engaged and excited about your business.  On occasion when you have been working hard and not seeing the larger accomplishments occurring in the time frame you wanted, go back and review these accomplishments. You will reinvigorate yourself with that knowledge of what you have learned, and how you have grown.  Maintain confidence that you have initiated a course of action that is still in motion.

 "I met a person that came up to me at a social event that I hadn’t met previously.  They introduced themselves and mentioned that they had talked to a person that heard me speak and wants to meet with me next week. I definitely did not expect that today but it aligns exactly with my goals."

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