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History of Coaching
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What to expect

I will support you, guide you, and assist you in transforming your life.

 I will be direct and honest at all times. I listen to what you’re not saying as much as what you do.

You have free will on all decisions and actions. There will be accountability for following through on your decisions. You control how far and how fast you go.

I work with you on your personal and professional goals from the comfort of a convenient location via phone.

Call for a complimentary introductory session.

Coaching areas:

  • Clarify Goals
  • Create Vision associated with your true aim.
  • Make decisions
  • Develop effective action plans
  • Take action toward your goals
  • Accountability for what you want
  • Achieve results
  • Create a more fulfilling life

I provide mediation for conflict resolution

Personal growth

Relationship coaching

Work with primary care givers of life threatening illnesses

Facilitation of groups

Manager as a Coach

Work with international clients

    understanding US customs and culture (although explaining our election process may be more difficult)

Work with people in the military or have previous military experience